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Lowering an S-Line & fitting 19s

maars Jul 16, 2007

  1. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    OK, so I'm thinking of lowering my S-Line (2007 model, sportback TDI 170 quattro) and have some questions:-

    * Are Eibachs the best choice of springs?
    * Which part nos fits the S-line?
    * How much will they lower the car?
    * Are there any issues with the ABS/quattro when lowering?

    I'm also considering swapping the 18s for 19s:-
    * What offset are the Audi 18s?
    * What width/offset are required when fitting 19s?
    * What size tyres are recommended?
    * Do they rub with std suspension and will they rub when lowered?
  2. Boydie

    Boydie Guest

    19"x8.5" et50 offset
    235/35/19 tyres

    my 2.0tdi sport (non quattro) has FK coilovers installed, and its only lowered 25mm all round

    i have no problems at all with rubbing even with full load

    only on full lock left do i get a little bit of rubbing on the inner arch but nothing to write home about in my opinion!

    if you buy springs eg 30mm, it will actually only lower the car 15mm or there abouts

    i would go for 50mm springs or get your self a set of adjustable shocks and springs or a coilover kit

    i have no problems with ABS and you won't have any.

    dont know about the quattro but i doubt it would be an issue

    hope this helps
  3. Gti Jazz Blue

    Gti Jazz Blue Active Member VCDS Map User

    I would add that when I got my 2005 S-Line it had the Eibach Sportsline springs fitted with stock shocks and it would rub with passengers in the back and ocasionally on fast dips in the road.

    I still have the Sportsline springs if you anyone is after a set they are for a 2005 3 door s-line 2.0TDI DSG (may fit others).

  4. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    Thanks guys.

    How much did the Eibachs lower your 2005 S-Line?
  5. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    Ignore that - just got a reply from Eibach and they've told me their Pro-Kit lowers a std A3 30mm, and thus an S-Line only 5mm. Bummer.

    Any other recommended spring kits?
  6. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    Apparantly H&R do a kit - 35mm lowering for a std car, so 10mm lower on a S-Line. Does anyone have an H&R kit fitted?
  7. Rabbit222

    Rabbit222 Active Member

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I have fitted H&Rs to my 07 S3 and it touches a bit on the rear. Looks like it may be the two screws attached to the fenderliner:think: Will check it out later today and hopefully post up some decent pics:)

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