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Lowering a standard bodied A3 on 18" wheels.

Drysdale Jan 15, 2005

  1. Drysdale

    Drysdale Member

    What is a safe amount to lower a standard A3 (i.e. no sports suspension) on 18" wheels? Just recieved my RS4s and will be fitting them myself on thursday, then taking it down to my local garage to have it lowered. Before I do, I'll need to know what a safe amount to lower it would be before I buy my springs/shocks. I don't want it to be the absolute maximum 'safe' lowered amount, just something that will make the arch-tyre distance look suitable and not 'tractor like'. Thanks.

    PS. On a side note, what do A3/S3 owners think of SPAX suspension? They seem well priced.

    PPS. Whats the ride quality like on a 30mm lowered car? Is it much different to standard?
  2. Ilogik

    Ilogik New Member

    if yours going to lower a car atleast go for 60mm 30 is pointless
  3. BromleyA3

    BromleyA3 Member

    im lowered 30mm on PI sorings with 18" RS4 rims really please wiv how it looks

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