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Lower Door Trim Panel

flippantaudi Mar 31, 2014

  1. flippantaudi

    flippantaudi Member

    Hi all,

    My drivers lower outer door trim panel has come away on one side. My fault, basically closing the door when it was caught on a raised part of my patio adjacent to my drive. Does anyone have experience of repairing or cost of having this replaced?
  2. Jeeves

    Jeeves quattronly

    Couple of Torx releases each, and it slides rearwards off the rear edge of the door.

    My allroad came with chrome trim and the black was no longer an option when I ordered. I looked at replacing these door blades with black/anthracite ones and when they looked up the original part against my VIN, the driver's door blade alone was about £200!

    I resigned myself to the fact that although there wsa no dechrome option for my MY car, at least the CO2 was lower (lower VED and better residual value).

    Post up if you find a good source for door blades as I might still make the change.

    Just make sure you jet wash thoroughly before and during the blade change as plenty of road grit can accumulate underneath and might penetrate the paint during the sliding process.

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