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Low, but comfortable suspension.

synthdood Feb 28, 2008

  1. synthdood

    synthdood Member

    Currently I have the standard sport suspension. I chose the sport version mainly because it looks much better than the SE. The improved handling was a nice bonus. I do find the suspension a bit harsh sometimes (although on my sportback it feels less harsh than a sport 3-door I test drove).

    I would like a more comfortable/balanced suspension without changing the ride height. Is that possible, or is a softer suspension automatically always higher? I appreciate that a softer suspension will degrade the handling a bit but that is okay, it will still be way better than my old vectra ;-)

    What I would like to achieve is the stance of a sport or s-line but the comfort of an SE.
  2. newbiecrg

    newbiecrg windsurfer

    Well a softer suspension is usually higher just because there is more travel and you need clearance for that.....

    Try changing the normal shock absorbers to standard Konis (not Koni Sport) I find them very good and maybe will be a good balance between confort and low rider...

    In my S3 the suspension is harsh but it is good when going fast... not so good in town driving and through speed bumps but it wasn't intended for that...

  3. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    KW V2 coilovers on sofest mode. Will still handle better than standard setup. Best of both worlds..

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