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Low brake pad indicator light on... HELP

fdussud Nov 7, 2006

  1. fdussud

    fdussud Member

    Shortly after going to Audi internatioal and having a run on the track, my low brake pad indicator light came on.

    Although I know track days wear down pads quickly, I had put on some EBC Red stuff pads and they were only about 4 months old.

    Doing my own investigation, I discovered that the low brake pad indication wiring had disconnected from the pad, not leaving enough wire to crimp it back together.

    Does anyone know if I can connect the two lose wires together so the computer thinks the brake pads are still good, allowing the stupid warning light to turn off?

  2. UpTheIron

    UpTheIron New Member

    Yup, just short the two wires. I *think* you can turn off the sensor in VAG-COM as well...

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