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Lost Alloy Wheel Nut Key

king123 Aug 12, 2013

  1. king123

    king123 New Member

    From this picture can someone please be able to tell me what code is this lock and where I can find the key for this alloy. I lost my key.
    My car is Audi A4 1.9 S Line Tdi 2005 with 18inch Alloys.

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  2. Kani Man

    Kani Man New Member

    Cuz.best thing would be, if u have oem rims on the car, to go to audi.give them ur vin no and they can order u a new key.if u really struggling.take a 17 socket bit and hammer it over the lock nut and use a ratchet to unscrew it amd then order a new set of lock nuts.hope this helps
  3. Paul B7

    Paul B7 Active Member

    There is an impact type tool available which the professionals use for removing the locking nuts. The AA for example carry them as standard. I don't believe you will get a damage free answer from Audi as there are voluminous combinations of locking nuts fitted to their cars throughout and for all they know you may be a thief !
    Good luck!

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