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Lost all engine power

Blunteh Nov 17, 2006

  1. Blunteh

    Blunteh Member

    Ouch... happily gunning along a dual carriageway in heavy rain and I suddenly lost all engine power. All the electrics seemed OK but I had to coast onto a verge with the clutch down.

    The starter motor turns the engine OK but it doesn't fire. Anyone else had total ignition loss before ?

    The engine management light flicked on a couple of times while the car was sat still. But didn't remain on.

    I'd sitting in the dealers now (after 16 mile solid tow behind an AA van in heavy rain and with no lights or wipers due to the battery flattening - I assume the battery just went flat from too many failed starts and the indicators flashing away for a couple of hours while I sat by the roadside)
  2. spuddie007

    spuddie007 Thomas the Tank Engine - Choo, Choo!

    Similar to what happened to me this morning where my car became a christmas tree. Audi have my battery on a trickle after sensing it might be the alternator, it's not - they believe it's the battery but will find out tomorrow!

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