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lose the cradle

luke32 Jun 20, 2007

  1. luke32

    luke32 luke32

    going to fit rnse in my 04/a4 2. fsi while i've got my dash in bits because of the double din conversion as well, i may as well take the nokia cradle out and fit bluetooth can anybody recommend the best kit available what would work with the nav unit and the majority of phones available.cheers.lp
  2. marms

    marms Member

    If you're fitting the RNS-e then you I would definitely recommend the Audi OEM Bluetooth kit. It's not the cheapest but integrates perfectly with the Navi. It doesn't support all phones so before you proceed I would pop over to http://www.navplus.us where you will find all the info you could need.

    I use mine with a Nokia 6280 and it copies all the phonebook, missed/received/dialed numbers and IMO completes the whole RNS-e package. Well worth it if you ask me.
  3. Von Maximo

    Von Maximo The Damned

    Hey Marms,
    Do you have the multi-function wheel as well? I have both the audi bluetooth gsm with voice control and the RNS-E but cant seem to be able to store my contacts on the nav unit. I'm just wondering if the reason is that I do not have the multifunction wheel?

    I've tried two phones which are both nokia's (6230i + 6021) and used the phone book from both the sim card and phone memory. Still No Luck!

    Any suggestion? Anybody?

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