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Lorry scratched my car, and run away...geer

nvc Nov 18, 2009

  1. nvc

    nvc Member

    hi , this morning I was driving my gf to work, in one of the very narrow street, a lorry scratched my a3 while we were stationary waiting for him to drive pass. I actually felt the lorry was scractch my car, but there is nothing I can do at all, there was this big long lorry one side and moving, and parked car the other side. when I managed to get out the car, the lorry is long gone.

    he knew he was scratching my car, coz he stopped at one point and then just carried on.

    we were at the inside of the bent. saw the lorry , and the street ahead was narrowing. so I stopped to wait for the lorry to drive pass, then this happened.:mad:

    the scratch was about 0.7mm x 5mm , deep into the metal( dark gray to black) . the metal bent slightly.

    I am going to buy a paint repair kit


    hope this one will do the job.

    anyone had car scratched before , should I take my car to a garage or just do it myself ? thanks a lot
  2. evapor8

    evapor8 Member

    For me, it would depend how old the car was and what condition it was in before the scratch.

    As my car is only 6 months old, I'd be round the garage with it and paying the excess on my insurance to have it returned to (hopefully) mint condition.

    If it was 8 years old and looking a bit tired/scratched/dinged anyway .... I'd probably touch it up.

  3. JeffY

    JeffY Member

    Try Chipsaway or similar, not very expensive and they usually do good job.
  4. MrTea

    MrTea Member

    Deffo worth trying them


    I have a thin but long scratch on my bonnet. My local bodyshop wanted £170 to respray the whole bonnet which is a bit excessive so I'll be giving them a try too
  5. chiefwiggumpi

    chiefwiggumpi Member

    Id have got the reg of the lorry and reported it to the police as he failed to stop to exchange details. Why are you paying for someone eleses fault? Try asking local ahops to look at the cctv to get the reg or whatever but find the reg and or any witnesses and report it....only my opinion of course

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