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Yaseen1991 Oct 10, 2012

  1. Yaseen1991

    Yaseen1991 Member

    So just a bit of background info, my standard BKD turbo on my a3 went on me a few weeks ago, it was burning loads of oil and throwing turbo into my cat less full custom exhaust system.

    so got myself a hybrid turbo, had it fitted along with a Allard EGR delete, new intake manifold flap and a k&n induction.

    so got my car back last week, first impressions were good, stronger pull (even tho its not been remapped yet) and a nicer smoother drive, my old turbo leaked oil into the exhaust everywhere before it popped and so i initially thought a few days of driving would clear it out! So i did about 600miles in a week and still smoking, and a oil burning smell in the cabin.

    parked my vehicle up earlier, moved it and there was a drop of oil on the floor. Anyway earlier on today i went back to the exhaust place to put a center box in the exhaust (basically i had turbo back straight through exhaust system, no cat, silencirs or back box and was told a center would give a bit of back pressure to help stabilise turbo) i checkd the oil before it went to the exhaust place and it was just under max, checkd after about 5hours and it was halfway!! Car had been driven bout 10yards in that time.

    So im stuck now, just dreading it. My mechanic reckons that it may be something to do with the turbo or could be something to do with some sort of seals :s

    any help/advice appreciated

    could it be my new hybrid turbo??


    EGR delete?? (Hasnt been mapped out yet)

    some sort of seals on the engine???

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