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Looks like I've been supplied the wrong flywheel, help!

driftymcgee Jul 31, 2013

  1. driftymcgee

    driftymcgee Member


    I ordered a Sachs DMF/Clutch kit back in March from the UK (I'm in AUS) and all seemed well until I went to fit it on the weekend. When making sure it was all going to be right I noticed the pressure plate bolts I had (M8x14) were too big to screw into the flywheel (M7x14) and this made me get all the part numbers and look them up.

    Turns out the DMF (Sachs part # 2294 003 341) is for the 1.9L TDI and the pressure plate (Sachs part # 3082 306 533) is also for the TDI.

    I contacted the seller and was told that it will fit my car (S3 BAM) 100% with no issues at all.

    What do people think? Will it work or do I bite the bullet and return it, and be without a car for a while?

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