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Looks like I will have to sell the beloved S3...

Will. Apr 30, 2007

  1. Will.

    Will. New Member

    Hi all,

    Haven't posted here in a while, family commitments have given me nearly no time for fun with the S3 at all :motz:

    Anyway, it's looking like time to invest in a sensible car now for the same reasons, so am debating the pros and cons of selling the S3 privately or trade.

    The best quote I've had so far from Audi is £13,700 - not great as I paid £16,500 for the car 8 months ago from an Audi main dealer as an Approved Used vehicle and it's mint - but I guess they have to make whatever profit margin they work at when they buy in stock.

    Specs wise, it's a lovely car - metallic black, August 2003, factory spec included RS18 alloys, 6 disc head unit, black leather, xenons, all the usual late equipment. Mileage as of today is 39,077, and it has 5 months of Audi warranty still remaining

    Have also had the AMD stage 1 remap, but paid extra to have it done as a One Click, so comes with the programming dongle. As tested by themselves on the day, it's running at 261 BHP with the map on, and was a healthy 224 BHP previously :)

    Condiiton wise, it's lovely - not even scuffs on any of the alloys, that kind of thing. Just had its 40,000 mile service and has been kept garaged from the day I had it. I'm very picky with my cars, they have things like new oil, fluids, wiper blades etc every six months, even if the milles I've done mean it's not necessary. I swear this car drives better than when I bought it, even with the map turned off - I wonder if there's any truth in that intelligent learning ECU stuff I remember reading about here a few months ago :)

    Could any fellow S3 experts give me a rough idea as to what I should ask for it if I sell privately? Audi's offer just isn't enough really...

    Thanks in advance!

  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    you'll struggle to find someone to pay what audi are offering.

    its more than worth it, you and I both know it, but the kind of people out there who will pay that money for a nice example are very few indeed.

    If theres no rush, go private, you may be able to get 14-15k, but you may be waiting a long time for it.
  3. Jampublic

    Jampublic Taking it easy..

    Sounds in great condition!
  4. Will.

    Will. New Member

    Cheers madvw for the advice - kind of what I expected to hear. Pity, as an S3 enthusiast would love this car - the geek in me doesn't want to just sell it back to Audi none of that stuff seems to matter to them - would like an enthusiast to get the benefits of it all rather than Audi just make a quick buck.

    Good to know though that the Audi offer is decent enough but still seems a shame to let it go for that.

    Jampublic - yeah, it's a beautiful car if I say so myself. If anyone here is interested or knows someone on the hunt for a late S3 by all means I'm open to offers and am in no great rush to sell it, so I'm quite happy to go for a spin and a cup of tea with any interested parties :)
  5. simch

    simch Active Member

    I think the price form Audi seems amazing to be honest. In Dec I got my Sept 03 45ker with leather and bose and sunroof for less than £13k!

    I know you may have lost a bob or two on the approved purchase price, but its a great price nonetheless.

    I think you will struggle to get more and if you do, it wont be as quick and easy as letting Audi have it.
  6. ChriS3

    ChriS3 hud at ye bam

    As above, that's an amazing deal for an Audi dealership. I don't think you'd get as much as that selling it privately. Have a look on Pistonheads if you want to sell it to an enthusiast.

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