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Looking to get a B7 avant...

s0ck Jul 22, 2007

  1. s0ck

    s0ck New Member


    I am hoping to pick up a A4 Avant S Line 170 before too long as a company runaround. I have to pick up the tab on any options so hopefully someone can help me with the following...
    Numerous sources seem to conflict with what is standard and what are extras.
    As far as I can gather, 18" alloys are standard on all S Line's not sure about the leather etc though? Also, is the 170 classed as a 'special edition' and does this have any bearing on the spec.
    The other thing I'm wondering how much better is the Bose system over the standard HU? I do like listening to music en route to work, probably a bit louder than I should :)
    The only other option I fancied was the retractable mirrors... anything else I absolutely MUST have? :)

  2. smokeymike

    smokeymike Active Member Team Mythos SQ5 owners group

    If you haven't already placed your order, go for the privacy glass (from the B pillar back) and the hands free bluetooth in the centre arm rest. I've found both to be really useful. Didn't like the multispoke wheels on my S-Line SE so had them swapped by the dealer for the 5 arm ones - much easier to clean and you can se the drilled discs better!
    Enjoy your new wheels. :blackrs4:
  3. mykaloon

    mykaloon Member

    I spent a bit of time pondering over the options list when I was ordering my Avant S Line (2.0 tdi 170).

    I ended up going for brilliant black. The non-special edition s line model comes with 5 arm 18" alloys as standard. The options I added were;

    1.Sat Nav (on offer at £500 at the moment - normally £2k and you get colour Driver Information System along with the Sat Nav).
    2.Cruise Control - £240
    3.Front Centre Armrest - £200
    4.Built in Rear Window Blinds - £80
    5.Luxury Pack (Graphite/Black Volterra Leather seats, Heated Front Seats and Acoustic Parking Front and Rear) - £1650

    Spent a long time considering whether to go for the quattro option but as mine is also a company vehicle the tax implications (higher emissions) as well as the increased cost knocked that on the head. I test drove a fwd 170 and didn't witness any of the much reported "torque steer" - mind it was dry at the time. Will just have to go easy with the right foot when it's wet!

    I've got an estimated delivery date of late September.......
  4. Pixelsharp

    Pixelsharp New Member

    Hi Guys

    I got my Phantom black A4 Avant 170 Sline special Edt delivered yesterday, I was waiting months for it!

    I have the Bose upgrade installed but wish I had the privacy glass as an option.

    I was looking for an ipod connection but decided to go for the Phatbox

    Also I want the Parrot CK3100 but keep getting conflicting info from everywhere saying it will not work with the new concert double heigt with the Bose upgrade!

    Can anybody confirm this?
  5. s0ck

    s0ck New Member

    Thanks for the input chaps.
    Roll on October!
  6. s0ck

    s0ck New Member

    A4 has been pushed back to December; production delays or something :(
    This happened to anyone else?

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