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Looking to fit 19mm rear anti roll bar... what other bits to complete the rear?

S3 Paul Jun 9, 2011

  1. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    After feeling for a while that when driven hard the rear of my car is way too "soggy" ive been looking into what roll bar to fit. Im going to go with the R32 rear ,
    My car has Koni coilovers ,
    Kw adjustable rear tie arms.
    Will soon have the poly bushed front wishbones fitted
    The brakes are finaly sorted and ive recently fitted the blue haldex controler.

    Are there and bush's on the rear to look at?
    Is it worth fitting poly Bushes in the non ajustable tie arms?
    Poly anti roll bar bushes?

    Im not looking to spoil completely the day to day drive as the roads to work are not the best , I just want it to feel more controled and complete.
  2. s3dave

    s3dave TFSI Hybrid Supporter

    Poly bush the ARB , and you may as well do the other tie arms, not sure if there will be much difference there though, as the original are very stiff (I have a set if you are doing them)
    trailing arm bushes will stiffen it up..

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