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looking to buy an audi

jollib Dec 1, 2004

  1. jollib

    jollib New Member

    im looking into buyin an b5 1.8t quattro.
    i asked this in another audi forum (audiforum.com) and then the flaming began. See all i said was i wanted to hit twelves because my FWD setup will only get me into the high 13s. See i drive a celica GTS. i know i know this is where the other forum started saying "rice" and all the other stuff that comes with it. but its no honda. 160 wheel hp stock is pretty good for a 2500 lb car and with the right mods you could break the 180 to the wheels. yes 180 hp is brake wheel hp but its possible to get 180 true wheel hp. this where they told me thats "rice math" there are dynos to prove it. http://newcelica.org/other/dyno/page.php

    but getting to the point. audis are very sleek and i know with the 1.8t 20v there is a lot of potential. i just wanted to compile a list of what i need to hit 12s. it would be the ultimate sleeper. in southern cali not alot of people know what its about. no matter what i do to my car i will not break 12s or ever mid 13s. my car has such a high compression running over 7 psi would be lethal to the engine if i went turbo. and even if i went the NA route traction is a problem with FWD layout.

    that is why i was looking into 4wd turbos. the ones i see in my range are the b5 1.8t quattros and the wrx but i dont want to be like everone else. when i got my celica not many people had themn
    now everyone and ther mom drive them.
  2. Phil_Jr

    Phil_Jr New Member

    Well from what I have read in this forum and from what people have told me in the Subaru forums, an Audi willl be more expensive. A stage two WRX may hit 12seconds if your a good driver and have about $1500 to spend. On the other hand you have a 1.8T A4 that is already a good bit slower than the WRX, so i can only assume your going to be paying way more than $1500 for a 12s car.

    In fact, a stock WRX vs stock B5 S4 is probably a drivers race. I hate to discourage you, but if cash is slim I dont think the Audi will be your best choice.

    On the other hand an Audi is about 500000000x better looking than the rex. And I am sure it gets more ladies....not that your concerned with such nonsense /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
  3. King_D

    King_D New Member

    Celica, HA! go back to your japanese lifestyle
  4. QuickSilver2

    QuickSilver2 New Member

    I won't go into the technical details which at the end of the day will mean nothing becasue how fast you go is directly proportional to how much you spend. I was handily beat by a Ford F350 diesel ($15k in upgrades) in my WS6 Trans Am ($2,5k in upgrades) in 1/4 mile - go figure.

    However, I just bought an Audi A4 (2001 CPO car) after shopping around for months for an affordable WRX in SoCal. One hard look, 5 minutes after leaving on a test drive and I knew it was an Audi for me.

    I feel comfortable in throwing money at the Audi because it is a quality car (IMHO) but not for a WRX becasue at the end of the day it is just a Japanese econobox.

    Drive an Audi for an extended test drive and the desicion will make itself.

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