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Looking for owner of GF55 SXT - I have your Audi Service Schedule

TeezAudiA4 Jun 15, 2014

  1. TeezAudiA4

    TeezAudiA4 New Member

    Hi, when I brought my A4 a few months back I ended up being given two service record books, one for my car and one for GF55 SXT, I asked the person who I brought the car from and he had no idea who's it was. If this is your car (or know the present owner) and you want it please PM me and we can get it in the post.

    I also have the Audi Navigation System Plus (RNS-E) Operating instructions manual too (Has a serial number and pin in it).

    If there are no takers the Nav operating manual will go on a popular bidding website and the service one in the bin.

  2. VagCabby

    VagCabby Active Member

    May be a b7 on a 55 plate. May want to post it in the b7 section as well if you haven't already!

    Reg check comes back to a A4 s line tdi

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