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Looking for ECU for my S3

A4_DTM Jun 16, 2010

  1. A4_DTM

    A4_DTM Member

    I have problem, big problem, my ECU is destroyed with water because "tuner" that first chipped my car didn't close it propertly and now year and half later corrosion is spred through entire computer. So I need new or used ECU.

    This is ECU that I need:
    8P0 907 115H

    And this are compatible ECUs:
    1P0 907 115C
    1K0 907 115T

    Please contact me on PM if you have something !
  2. whiteunderarm

    whiteunderarm Member

    Sorry mate...cant understand why your ECU box would have been opened in the first place, piggy-back chipping isn't used much anymore....

    Quick question...your Whiteline Anti-lift kit...how much of an improvement has it made on your car...would be interested to see your thoughts on it...
  3. A4_DTM

    A4_DTM Member

    Well, I'm idiot that I gave my car in first place to this guy that didn't want to chip it over OBD, he said that this is way more secure. Yes I see how secure it is ...

    Whiteline anti lift kit is awesome, no understeer at all, it transformed the car, one of the best upgrades I've made ! Must buy in my opinion

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