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Looking for an Engine!, can anyone help?

DrugDealersAudi Aug 9, 2009

  1. DrugDealersAudi

    DrugDealersAudi Member


    I recently had the piston rings go on my a3. I thought i would get the rings replaced, head reconditioned new water pump cam belt etc etc no expense spared and everything would be great, like having a new engine all over again.....O how wrong i was. I could have been right if i hadnt used a machanic that hadnt done rings before. (honestly i have no faults with this machanic on anything else he is great) He didnt do something correctly and from what i have found out from verious diferent people and audi machanics he didnt lube the new rings thus causing friction on the rings leaving them to drag and break also scoring the bores.

    So after the essay as to why i need an engine the point is i spent alot on that and am not left with much for a engine, so i have come to the great site of Audi-Sport.net to bail me out of this one.

    Needs to be

    1.6 8v AVU Engine 2001

    I have no idea why i am bothering spending so much on a 1.6 but i love her and cant see her die. Please help :sos:
  2. Pooch121

    Pooch121 Steady Eddy

    1.6 boi here..

    hate to say it mate but i think ur wastin ur time, surely deep down u want somethin a bit quicker??

    i bought a 1.6 3 months ago now and it only took me a couple of weeks to realise i shudda got the 1.8T...if ur old enuff insurance wise yeh you pay more (not alot more if uv got some no claims) but think of those moments where you can leave saxo boi's behind!! plus the beauty of being able to make a real project out of a car that will come on leaps and bounds with a few changes, a 1.6, dont matter what you change, ul never gonna see a substantial change in ur driving experience..

    jus my opinion mate, but get what you can for audi you get and start saving, 3000k will get you a 1.8t with everything you want (bose, alacantra, rs4's, cruise control etc)

    Im a sucker for audi's now like yaself (audi fever), cant see myself wanting anything else for a long time, see this as a fresh break m8, a chance to get what youve always wanted..

    neway man let us know what happens.. best of luck

  3. emery1990

    emery1990 Active Member

    second that ^
  4. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    If the original mechanic is at fault surely you have some recourse there?

    As i understand it there are 2 schools of thought on rings lube them as you say with engine lube, but tbh an engine will lube the bores within secs of being started anyway. Or leave them as they are with a spalsh of oil to help them bed correctly and faster.

    What diag work have you had done to prove the bores are knackered?.

    If an engine is the way to go, surely you could source one from a golf or seat or similar

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