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Looking for advice on an S4

Hightower Oct 16, 2009

  1. Hightower

    Hightower Member

    Looking to replace my wheelspin happy Golf tdi with some form of A4 Quattro and the S4 is on the shopping list since i 've seen they are within my budget, however i would be interested in real world running costs and what to look for apart from what is in the buying guide on the forum.

    Whats the average mpg, i currently do a 20ish mile round trip to work on a mix of town and rural roads and at the weekends we often have a run down to the coast so could end up doing 100-200 miles at the weekend.

    On remapped cars does the mpg go down much, obviously dependent on how heavy your right foot is.

    I was reading a few threads on maintenance costs and they seem quite high for labour on stuff like cambelts and clutches and obviously turbo replacement is double to what my old passat 1.8t was.

    Whats the life expectency of the engine if its maintained properly as most of the S4's in my budget have from 80-100k on the clock, so i dont want to end up buying a money pit of having to start replacing everything

    Thanks in advance
  2. You will see a LOT of high mileage S4s. Mine is now over 180K. Keep them maintained, they keep going.

    Cam belt is an expensive job, so it's worth sorting water pump etc at same time.

    Other than that? same as any other, really.

    I have been driving like a saint lately and the DIS tells me 26 MPG. If I drive it like it's tolen, it's alot less. A lot less.
  3. I mean stolen. Driven like it's stolen.
  4. Nez

    Nez Member

    Running costs in S4 are very higher special if something goes wrong badly then you would end up with alot money to spend sence I get my S4 I spend on the car around £862.00 that just thing that had to be changed.

    And when it comes to modding then thats another thing :) with exh system, DV, Remap and induction kit I paid another £1720 :)

    To buy a S4 its better to get the higher mileage one then the lower mileage one as the higher mileage one has already had its timing belt service and other big things have done on it as the lower mileage alot of things could have been left and then you have to spend money on it.

    With a good rearech and time you should find a good S4 but don't just buy one that you see first time, look around and see which one suits you and remeber to buy the one that has full service history and about the fuel well fuel in S4 is not as good as some people think my one dose 20 mpg thats the tops I can get on it and its with custom remap :hubbahubba: with foot down I get around 17 mpg so they are very juicey but at the end it all worth it because the power of S4 is amazing :undwech:

    Any ways good luck and I hope you get a nice S4 :)
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2009
  5. Fraser

    Fraser Member

    timing belts are not just mileage related, they need changing at age related intervals as well
  6. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    A fact thats often ignored!
  7. Luckily, the "age" of the belt has never been an issue, given the miles I do. The aux belt went recently though. But that's cheap, compared to the timing belt.

    I just need a new rear diff now, then she's all good again. Well, except the ABS-style vibration sometimes...
  8. raver100

    raver100 Member

    i have a 2.8 quattro diff if thats any help?
  9. Hightower

    Hightower Member

    No help at all thanks

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