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Looking for a replacement bonnet to buy

AudiMafia Jul 22, 2012

  1. AudiMafia

    AudiMafia Member

    Hi, i'm looking to buy pre face lift bonnet 2 grill LZ5C Mauritius Blue if possible, a car reversed into me and when i had my car parked so now need to find a replacement bonnet, please let me know if you have one.

  2. Minstadave

    Minstadave Member

    They're very hard to come by in any colour, you're looking at stealers for the bonnet and will need to get it painted.

    Edit - The 2 grill is easier to come by, the 2005-08 one is the difficult one, but you'll still need it painting as I doubt you'll get it in the colour you need.

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