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Looking for a new A4 B7 Cab Auto 2.0tfsi

b088in May 22, 2013

  1. b088in

    b088in New Member

    Afternoon all,

    I was hoping for a bit of advice from those of you that have the cab version of the b7 2.0t auto s-line variety. Is there any major differences between on 06 or 07 plate, the only difference I can seem to see is that the headlights have a clear lens instead of the orange indicator.

    The other thing I would like an opinion on is is it worth spending the additional premium on the Xenon headlights. They seem to command an additional premium of around £1500- £2000 for them. I have always added aftermarket HIDs to my cars and never had a problem, so if the aftermarket works well on the A4 without error codes, then I was thinking of going down this road and save the money and put it towards a remap and Forge BOV.

    Any other advice would as always, be always appreciated. I am looking around the £8-9k bracket and there does seem to be a lot available with less than 80k on the clock and all in the s-line with all the toys. Not that fussed about the bose speakers, I will upgrade the head unit and speakers at a later date.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. bebecheekymonkey

    bebecheekymonkey Member

    Hi Colin

    Not much in difference really. Aftermarket HID's will not pass an MOT with the new regulations and costly to retrofit with genuine parts. you're better off buying the car with it fitted from factory.

    More importantly, make sure car has a good service history. Cambelt and water pump changed to schedule, and also the multitonic gearbox oil and filter changed at 40k miles.

    My wife has the car you are after and is fully loaded apart from the xenons. Try looking at the final edition models 2008/2009. Lots of extras fitted before they stopped producing this model.

    There are plenty out there. Good luck!

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