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looking for a b5 rs4

twostrokepower Oct 10, 2009

  1. twostrokepower

    twostrokepower Member

    hi guys

    Ive been a audi owner for 14 years now . current car being a b5 2.8 Q on a 1999 plate which which ive owned from 2001 and before that i had a 2.2 80 Q now iam going to treat my self to a rs4 b5 .Ive allways wanted one and do think they still look the best rs. Ive found one in the colour and price iam willing to spend only thing is its 250 miles away iam going to px my car in with the dealer and just wanted to no what to look out for regards to the rs4 any info or tips or pointers would be cool


  2. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    Hi and good luck!
    I bought mine only a few months ago and REALLY wish I'd done it years ago. With their prices falling a bit, it's silly not to to be fair.

    To be honest there are lots of things (as with all specialist/sports cars) you need to be mindful with a purchase. Like most obvious/sound advice a comprehensive service history is a pre-requisite, and ideally from a Specialist Independent tuner rather than Audi, who to be fair don't have a clue when it comes to these cars (sounds wrong doesn't it, but it is true). Someone like QST, APS, MRC, Unit 20, etc etc...

    I would also (this wont go down well with the Mods but...) get yourself over to SRS.com and RS246.com, as that's where all the owners are. This site although extremely informative, is lacking in specialist advice for these cars.

    Essentially, the cars need regular servicing with top quality (5W40) oils, such as Quantum Synta Gold, cambelts c/w water pumps changing as per recommendations, if it's standard make sure it had the hard OEM wheels, rather than the original soft wheels, as they're prone to buckling, biut to be honest they're likely to have been changed already as they were a free 'swap' from Audi.

    The best advice however, if the car's being bought from a non enthusiast, is to have the car inspected by one of the above tuners, for a fee of c£50. They'll check it with VAGCOM, check the MAF sensors, DV's, etc, and basically tell you if it's a sound purchase or it needs some work doing to it. You can then negotiate the costs with the seller, who are usually reasonable about these things.

    I bought mine dirt cheap (v lucky), got it checked out by someone with VAGCOM and it needed a new EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) sensor, which is c£200 to change. Got the car checked out by MRC soon after purchase, and it needed also a new MAF sensor, new DVs (they were the original ones from 2001). It was running fine beforehand, but even better afterwards. I also had the turbo pressure checked out to see what state they were in (quite a costly repair = £3kish).

    The service was so good there, that I decided to upgrade other parts too, as you do!!

    Any more info needed, maybe PM me?

    Good luck, and get yourslef on to the other forums...


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