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looking for 250 bhp + need advice on turbo upgrade

Jay Jul 9, 2009

  1. Jay

    Jay Member

    I've been doing a bit of research on turbo upgrades and other mods. I'd like to see around the 250 bhp + mark and similar torque. Currently the A3 (1.8T, ko3s) has a custom code stage 1 remap, 007p and a n75J valve. Its supposed to be 220bhp and 230 lbs but doesn't feel like it.

    Anyway came across this


    Is it worth upgrading? or maybe going down the ko3s hybrid route.

    My budget is around 2K. I realise I need the exhaust and FMIC. Would like to stay away from changing the internals due to lack of funds.
  2. markymark1984

    markymark1984 Petrol Head

    how much extra would it cost to sell you car and buy a mapped S3? Just another option for consideration :)
  3. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    why do people always say "sell the car " i want mine to go like a lambo. should i sell up to buy one?

    Right. well i would say you have a few options with that buget.
    i once fitted a k04 turbo (from an s3) along with the injectors, parts of the boost pipe custom downpipe to a mk4 golf 1.8t,
    This wasnt an easy job to be honest, most companys said go down the k03s route or a hybrid k03.
    With an exhaust. and a silicone TIP, good air filter and an exhaust
    after mapping you should be realy happy. If not its time for internals... but thats above budget.
  4. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    If you can afford it, why not? :)
  5. IIIadidasboy

    IIIadidasboy Member

    Is the 2K budget just for power - or do you want to be able to stop and turn the corners as well?
  6. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    2 things.

    1.you car WONT be 220bhp with a stage 1 CC on an otherwise standard ko3S car. the reality is that despite MANY people claiming over 200bhp from stage 1 maps, at the dyno days VERY few ko3S cars with a generic stage 1 map make 200bhp at all, more than 205 is basicly unheard of without full exhaust systems and stage 2 mapping to run more boost and such things.

    I'm sure someone will come along and claim they got '215bhp from just a stage 1', but sadly, it just doesn't happen.

    2. £2k will not see you over 250bhp. it just wont. and if you havnt done the brakes and suspension first, anything over about 220bhp is going to kill you anyway.

    Your best bet, is to spend the money on really sorting out your current setup.
    having a ko3S already, you're in a good position to start.

    Get a full turbo back exhaust, with a hi flow cat or decat, and a good flowing downpipe, coupled with a decent cat back system.

    Add an FMIC to keep charge temps nice and low and stop heatsoak, which happens SO fast with the standard SMIC.

    Have a custom map done. you should see around 22psi of boost, which should easily see you between 225-230bhp (possibly as much as 240, but it's rare) and easily 250lbft+.

    For reference, my CC2 mapped ko3S AGU made 290lbft at 24psi, and 225bhp at just 4500rpm, with the power still climbing until the fuel pump decided it had had enough and it leaned off. I've since changed the pump and it's quicker still.

    the different between a stage 1 mapped car that's otherwise standard, and a full stage 2 custom setup with a proper exhaust and FMIC, is absolutely huge!
  7. Jay

    Jay Member

    Maybe another 4/5K for a decent one. Too be honest if I did buy another car i'd be looking at a 330 and keep it standard

    Thankyou!!!! never the most helpful answer.

    Just for power at the moment. i'm getting new springs and shocks fitted over the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks Prawn. I've seen your posts on a few of the other forums and been reading your posts as you have an A3 aswell. Think I may go down this route first. If what you say is true then take the figures quoted by CC with a pinch of salt!

    So where do I start?

    - Exhausts - Theres so many out there. Any recommendations/links?
    - TIPS - I've seen the forge ones. Any others to consider?
    - FMIC - worth getting a second hand one???
    - BMC induction kit?? or will a panel filter be just as good.
    - Stage 2 map?
    - Solving the jerking when coming off part throttle!! :mad:

    Anything else?

    Would be nice but too far and a little expensive for me.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2009
  8. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    Jerking comming off part throttle shouldn't be happening, it tends to happen when the standard DV splits, but if you've got a forge, check it's not stuck.

    As for exhausts, Milltek are an obvious choice, but the full turbo back will cost you close on £900.

    For a cheaper alternative, the THS downpipe/decat from ebay is good, but it'll throw a CEL if you have a post cat lambda, so I'd look into the blue flame downpipe/100cel cat, as it's much cheaper than the milltek.

    For cat backs, the milltek is lovely, and not too loud at all, even in single box. Jetex make a nice system too, although the mk4 golf system fits nicer on the A3 bumper than the A3 system! Blue flame do a fairly cheap catback too, although I've heard the fit can be questionable. it is however cheap, and flows well.

    a TIP isn't REALLY needed, but it's a nice idea, and every little helps. get the forge, there's simply no NEED to shop around.
    FMIC: the turbo revs kit for £200 on ebay is actually amazingly good, the fit of the kit is perfect, and if you're prepared to fiddle around a bit with the DV position and making a decent N75 take off, it's stupidly good value for money.

    Induction wise, it's been proven from maf logs that the best flowing inlet setup is actually a smoothed airbox, with a decent panel filter and a sealled 4'' cold air feed taken from inside the front bumper.

    For mapping I'd speak to Bill ad Badger 5, although I have it myself, I don't rate the CC2 map too highly. it does work, but almost all the cars I've seen with it don't seem quite 'polished' enough. there are niggles.
  9. IIIadidasboy

    IIIadidasboy Member

    Prawn, have you modded your air box and added a cold air feed? - if so, any chance of a few pics.

    Found an old doc on my old work laptop that detailed how to add a cold feed to the standard air box - by drilling a hole into a section that looked like it had previously had something connected, but from the factory is now blanked off / solid and then running a piece of ducting / tubing to it from the bumper. This is something I want to do, but I'm waiting for my new VAGCOM lead before I start doing anything "air-wise" - because I want to be able to see before & afer results.

    Be3 nice to see if there are any other different ideas out there before I start cutting things!!


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