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looking coileovers

stevie_g Apr 14, 2009

  1. stevie_g

    stevie_g New Member

    im looking coilovers for my audi a4 its a tdi 2001onwords B6. ive sent a email of to jackson tuining. ive seen ones for b5 which is up to 2000 the older shape you can pick them up for in around £200. the only ones ive seen for mine are up in the £500 mark. does the b5 fit mine does anyone no.

    or were could i get coilovers a bit cheaper £500 is a bit much..

    seen a few audi a4 on here what is there setup?
  2. silversurfer

    silversurfer Member

    I'm pretty sure that B5 suspension doesn't fit a B6 A4..
  3. evilscotsman

    evilscotsman Space Cowboy

    try fleabay mate but ive rarely seen any coilovers under £500 for the B6, though I must admit the suspension does look very samey as my old B5, but there will likely be something different as theres a lot more changes between the B5 & B6 than you might realise.

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