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Looking at buying a TT / Questions?

AudiSport Jan 2, 2009

  1. AudiSport

    AudiSport Member

    Hi there,

    I'm looking at buying an Audi TT and it would seem you can pic them up with reasonable mileage now for around 6k. It is the Roadster model I'm particularly interested in, however can anyone tell me if there is lots of wind noise when driving on motorways etc?

    Also, I have seen one for sale with 72k miles on the clock but have been told they had the head gasget changed not long ago - it is normal for these to fail out this kind of mileage, or was Audi just trying to screw the current owner?

    Also, anything else I should look our for?
  2. conlechi

    conlechi New Member

    Cambelts should be changed at 5 yrs or 50K miles , Dashpod can fail , will be replaced by Audi FOC for all TT's now . ARB bushes are prone to failing . I am running a highly modified 2000 TTC with 79K on the clock and no major issues . Take a look over at www.tt-forum.co.uk for more info

  3. smuja_273

    smuja_273 New Member

    I have had a TT roadster for almost 2 years, i now have 105k on the clock and have experienced a few niggles since buying it. The engine on these things are meant to be quite good as engines go, so far so good, but its all the cosmetics that cause the problems and just caus theyr small it does not mean theyr cheep! my lat and lon sensors failed causing a small yellow light to appear on dash, that cost 1600 pounds to replace. my headlight washers (known as ailiens) broke, so every time sprayed the windscrean with my headlights on, my washer bottle emptied, onto the floor! my petrol cap has recently refused to stay closed. i could go on and on and on. but if you are set on buying a TT, the answer is no, it does not make much noise on the motor way, the roof is sealed very well and the windows automatically adjust to seal against the roof when closed. It is also quite quiet when open believe it or not, especially when you put the rear windsheild up. sterio is a bose which is also loud enough to block out any noise anyway. Hope that helped :music:

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