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Looking at an Allroad Please help info needed

Roma_T Apr 22, 2008

  1. Roma_T

    Roma_T New Member

    Hi guys,

    I've come across an ALLROAD thats up for sale not too far from me.


    Looks clean. Thinking of calling up today and giving it a once over. However after having a read up on the allroads. It seems that they are pretty bad for mpg(well the diesels are from the search I've done on here, no info on the petrols). Also the fact that this is an auto prob means it's even worse lol.

    Can someone give me some advice? I am lucky enough to share a ride to work in a colleagues vehicle so I don't use fuel in that sense, just get him some tobacco every week lol. I only drive into work if he's off. Plus We have a punto which is kind of the work horse. (1.1) so any odd trips here and there will be done in that. The allroad will come into play mainly when we take the dogs and the babies out all together. So maybe I shouldn't be too worried about the mpg?

    Are there any common problems to look out for? Since it has off road capability I guess I should look underneath. What will I be looking for though? Just scrapes and dents etc?

    I'm guessing it's worth a professional inspection too right? AA or take it to a garage I trust?

    What tax would I expect to pay when the new regs come in? Don't want to end up paying £400 or whatever for a year!

    Sorry for the rushed post, I'm.... in a rush lol.

    Hope to hear, and thanks.
  2. WillsNogaroTT

    WillsNogaroTT B cool, B safe, B foolish

    Dont know too much about them only that my brother has this same one, 2000 2.7 tdi. his has done about 65k and he has not had a problem with it yet. He drive his very hard and i mean very hard (he wishes it was an RS6) but it still managed to return 28.7mpg which i dont thinks too bad bearing in mind his foots always flat to the floor, its auto and he works in a city. Although i guess you can find better. He also takes it off road alot and it copes very very well, better than he expects.
    I would get an inspection especially if its 100k miles but other than that its quite a good car in my view. Certainly alot of car for the money

    I hope this helps. Let us know how you get on Roma T.
  3. Roma_T

    Roma_T New Member

    Cheers for that bud.

    Anyone else here with one that can comment? Especially interested in the tax and mpg

    Gonna call them up later this evening and maybe see it some time this week.

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