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Looking at allroad 2.7v6 turbo petrol

bradh Dec 18, 2013

  1. bradh

    bradh Active Member VCDS Map User

    Hi guys possibly looking at swapping my a4 fir one of theses is there anything I should be looking out for both engine and car wise

    Apparently the allroad has coil overs fitted so but confused as I thought it had air suspension set up ??

    Any info tips etc greatfully taken on
  2. audi-a6

    audi-a6 Active Member

    Coil overs are aftermarket, which Is a good thing and are not cheap... Things to look out for, going on experience, turbos, what's the mileage, turbos are expensive on these, labour alone your looking over 1k for a good mechanic, service history, again, good oil changes prolong the life of the turbos, temp gauge sitting at 90 when warmed up? Heating okay? Theromostat is quite a job on these, it's behind the cambelt! There is probs lots of general things you should check as with all cars, all in all, if I were to re-purchase mine I would look for a lower mileage and bigger service history

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