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Looking at a 96 N 1.8T Sport tonight- advice pls

lewy Apr 23, 2003

  1. lewy

    lewy Member

    Welcome aboard /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  2. fraz

    fraz New Member

    Hi going to look at A4 1.8T with 75k full audi service history but the cambelt tensioner has recently gone and the owners had the engine repaired by an independent at cost of £1600. This concerns me as I wonder why it's gone ie, has it been thrashed???

    But i suppose they can just go before the recommended 80 k change?

    Anything in particular i need to check on this car? a buyers guide would be a great help if there is one.

    Also it's up for £3900, is this a fair price for the mileage at 75K on a 1996 'N', obviously alot will depend on the condition. etc.

    Any advice or opinions greatly appreciated.
  3. ajmackie

    ajmackie Member

    I'm not too sure but that sounds a wee bit expensive to me? Try glass' price guide evaluations or summit. worth paying £3 to see what they reckon.
  4. brixo

    brixo Member

    Have a look on Autotrader, I am sure you can get the same for cheaper, however, the mileage for that age of car is fairly low.

    Regarding the cambelt - no, it doesn't necessarily mean that it has been thrashed. If it's going to go, it's going to go... and when it does, it's messy and expensive.

    If you are to think seriously about this car, check what has been changed when the tensioner went. If they used all reasonable parts, the engine will be like new and you won't have to worry about the cambelt and stuff for the next 80k, however, for the sake of £250, I have mine changed every 50k... just cos I prefer preventative maintainance.

    Also check that the water pump was changed at the same time!

    Apart from that, a genuine 75K 1.8TS will be fine... Mine's just hit 100,000 miles this week and is running lovely. Just replaced the Diverter Valve too, £13, and the ride is much smoother.

    Good luck, but remember, if this one isn't right, walk away, there are 100's on 1.8T Sports about...
  5. imported_ianimms

    imported_ianimms Guest

    I just bought my 1999 V reg 1.8T Quattro sport the other week, 70k miles, no history book, but i've traced it through Audi anyway. Sump got cracked and seized engine, so was rebuilt, bloke i bought it from thought it was a cat d but when i checked, it isn't, HPI clear with glasses forecourt value of £9345 (if it had the service book), I gave £5300. Runs lovely, good luck, hope its a gooden.
  6. imported_bpascua

    imported_bpascua Guest

    I bought my N reg 1.8T for £4100 with fsh and 77k....it had the cambelt service done. Check you got the imobiliser tag or at least a master key as these will cost you £100 from audi. Check the sunroof electrics work. Check your key opens all the locks! Parkers says a N reg 1.8 T with average mileage should be £3600 but I coldnt find one that cheap, and if you could it would probably be a banger. Good luck...


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