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longlife or mileage servicing

a4 cabrio Feb 17, 2011

  1. a4 cabrio

    a4 cabrio Member

    my car is currently on a longlife service schedule, it was last serviced by audi in may 2010, a full service with a cam belt change. I have owned the car for a month and have heard conflicting opinions on longlife servicing. The car has only covered 5000 miles since its last service, would i be better leaving it on a longlife service schedule or would it be better for the car to be put on a yearly/mileage service plan.

    i was thinking of gettig it serviced now and then every 12 months, would i be able to change the service required indicator settings from longlife to yearly/mileage???

    sorry if i have come across confusingly
  2. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I'm not a fan of longlife myself. Plus you need VAGcom to reset the service interval timer which is just a hassle.

    Get it onto normal servicing, and then you can pick your service interval (6k and 6 months or whatever you want) and set the counter to count down accordingly. Job done.
  3. a4 cabrio

    a4 cabrio Member

    thanks quattrojames, would audi be able to change the service settings via VAGcom, would they charge alot to do it if they can??
  4. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    Every 6 months for 1.8t's like. For the price of oil and a filter every 6 months I always play safe.
  5. vorsprung dork

    vorsprung dork Member

    turbos dont like longlife servicing! my 1.9 tdi was on longlife untill 60k with previous owner now on 96k serviced every year or about 8k! my 2.5 tdi has been done every 15k upto 80 k when i bought it! im droping this back to every 8k! just what ive been told by my mates! it wont hurt to change as cost is nothing compared to big repare bills!

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