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dantdi Sep 24, 2011

  1. dantdi

    dantdi ...

    Hi, I've been looking around on the web for awhile now at different companys for the DPF removal.
    Finally found one close to home they are called Longlife (Exhaust - Stainless Steel Car Exhaust Systems - Longlife Exhausts)
    Just wondering has anyone else heard of them or used them before ? Good or bad views?
    I'd be looking to use the one in Ashford Kent.

    Also has anyone tried this JLM Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner yet?
    JLM : Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner : KAL-JO2210 100ml
    Im sure saw someone on here talk about it but cant find it.

    Done autoscan with vagcom yesterday can anyone tell me if have problem?
    Where it's saying Labels: Redir Fail! ?

    Address 01: Engine Labels: Redir Fail!
    Part No SW: 03G 906 018 DN HW: 03G 906 018 DN
    Component: R4 2.0l PPD1.2 1247
    Revision: --H42--- Serial number: AUX7Z0***4131
    Coding: 0000072
    Shop #: WSC 06441 785 00200
    VCID: 74EDCE006E2B

    No fault code found.
    Readiness: N/A

  2. dantdi

    dantdi ...

    Anybody? no? Dust!!
  3. xanderxxx

    xanderxxx Active Member

    Hi dantdi i used long-life at Berkeley, near Bristol very good service. It was a good pipe, really made a difference and sound was spot on (fitted to a 207 GT), they had a choice of tail pipes, and could customise how noisy it was too.:thumbsup:

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