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long shot - radio codes

sleep envy Apr 13, 2008

  1. sleep envy

    sleep envy Member

    Mrs Envy's car had a flat battery when I took it for its MOT last week so I stuck a new one in

    aside from worn wiper blades it sailed through so I thought all was good - how far from the truth was I...

    no radio code = no tunes :keule:

    car and house has been turned upside down today in search of the errant code without joy

    anyone know where I can find the codes on line - can't be ***** to head down to the dealer and convince them that a quick search on a hard drive isn't worth £20 (+VAT) of their time
  2. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    I don't think you will find the radio codes anywhere other than through the dealer. Basically they enter the VIN number of the car into Audi's main computer system to find the appropiate radio code.
  3. jmohide

    jmohide Member

    I had the same problem! Tried one of those online companies and they ended up refunding the money as they said I would have to send in the radio, which defeats the object. So I went to my loacal Audi, they took the serial number off the radio and said they would text me the radio code, next morning had the code and radio all going, and they didn't charge me!! :thumbsup:
  4. rodenal

    rodenal Active Member

    Yeah they shouldn't charge yo ufor a quick search like that
  5. mattandrew

    mattandrew Member VCDS Map User

    I am going to sell my old concert headunit on ebay once ive fitted double din, currently i dont have a radio code.
    Am i right in thinking that its when you put the head unit in a different VIN vehicle that it will ask for the PIN?
  6. Issac Hunt

    Issac Hunt Active Member VCDS Map User

    Yes, that will usually be the case.
  7. anty

    anty Member

    My radio code was given to me in my concert radio booklet inside the front page, 4 digit code i think. The booklet was in my folder along with the servicing book, manual etcetc

    Good luck.
  8. sleep envy

    sleep envy Member

    cheers - it's not an audi but I found the card with the code, it was in here driving licence holder

  9. mattandrew

    mattandrew Member VCDS Map User

    Just called various Audi sevice departments to get my code

    Chesterfield Audi
    You will need to bring the car to us so we can plug it into the computer to get the code - £20

    Sheffield Audi
    Same but £25

    Derby Audi
    Smae £25

    So I thought I would try one last stealer
    Macclesfield Audi
    Spoke to nice girl in service
    Matt - I have misplaced my radio code
    Audi - You will need to bring the car to us so we can get the serial number of the radio and check it on the Audi central computer.
    Matt - If I remove the radio and get the serial number and give it you over the phone will that do"
    Audi - Yes
    Matt - Will there be a charge
    Audi - No, just give us an hour and we will call you back

    Well nearly, as soon as the girlfriend get back with the car ill be calling them.​

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