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Long Life Service And Then Some.... How much?

bl_1969 Oct 22, 2008

  1. bl_1969

    bl_1969 Roads? We Dont Need Roads!!!!

    Alright guys And girls!

    Can anyone advise please, I needed to get service done for the car so put it in to the stealer which is the local Audi/Porsche garage (not in U.K. - in The Czech Republic). It needed some more work done to it as I got a call from them so here goes....
    • Longlife service.
    • Haldex Oil and Filter Changed.
    • Both rear brake discs changed and new pads.
    • Break fluid changed.
    • Some sort of hose to the cabin was broke so they replaced that (Will get that checked tomorrow when a work mate can translate the bill).
    • New Spark Plugs.
    At current exchange rate (lets not speak about how weak the pound is!!!) it came to 710 squid. What you guys think? That way OTT or OK? Have I just been bumped? It is 30 CK to the pound at the moment, I used to get 40 not so long ago so if it was worked out at 40 it would have come in at about 532 squid - some difference in exchange huh, anyhows, that's a different issue. So what you great guys think??? Sound OK for that work carried out?

    I got it carried out as I dont want any bother with safty or reliability here and dont know about cars other that I love this one and my last.

    532 sounds about right to me but as I say.... I know nothing of cars really, just what I read here. Used to have a polo and the service was always so cheap.

    Car has done 63,000 miles. Cam belt and water pump changed at 55K.

    One last thing sorry, the DIS is now saying 9300 miles till next service. Is this correct?

    Any feedback would be much appreciated!!! (dreading the... you have been bumped comments!) :sadlike:
  2. Ian W

    Ian W Active Member

    I'd say thats probably about right from a dealer.
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Yes you're biggest mistake was taking a 5+ year old car to a main dealer, and also keeping it on longlife service which will eventually knacker your turbo when the oil turns to sludge (unless you do your own oil changes in between of course).
    A main dealer will charge £250+ just to change the rear discs & pads, a job which is very easy to do yourself for around £70, or at least supply the parts and let them do it for £100 in labour. Audi's mark up on parts is unbelievable, and they don't even make any of the consumable items like filters, brakes, plugs, oil etc.
    Find yourself a good VAG specialist or at least take it to a Skoda or VW garage next time. Surely there's a Skoda main dealer somewhere in the Czech Rep?
  4. bl_1969

    bl_1969 Roads? We Dont Need Roads!!!!

    Cheers guys!

    Yeah, there is VW and Skoda here but I would have thought it be the same price (same parts). Ah well, I guess I should buy a book and start DIY'ing it... save myself some candy. I am a server Engineer and dont have a scooby doo about car maintenence really. Never to old to learn tho huh! Thing is, I drive right trough Germany on Das Autobahn and if I fitted brakes I can see trouble :wacko: hehehe

    So bottom line is I probably paid the correct price for a steeler but could have got it cheeper. Doh! :ermm:

    By the by, I change oil more than long life service says, I read that on here and on some other sites so it's all good regarding that.

    Cheers again.
  5. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    Labour is a lot cheaper at skoda/vw and parts are also a bit less. Those 4 rings don't come cheap you know!

    Yes, I learned the hard way as well - I foolishly paid £800 for a cambelt change at Southampton Audi (a few years ago before I'd found this forum), and they didn't change the water pump, so the whole thing had to be done again 30k miles later when the water pump started to seize up! Luckily by then I'd found an independent so the whole job was less than £400 second time around. We live & learn.
  6. cjhill

    cjhill hmmmmm interesting.

    Also, if you really want to start to learn about your car and how to do things to it, get a copy of elsa win off ebay.

    Its a CD with the audi workshop manual (ie exactly what the dealer uses)

    Has saved me time and money in the past !
  7. buckas

    buckas Member

    could do the spark plugs yourself, they're easy enough save some money

    probably other things you could do yourself, but that's the only one on your list i've done myself :)

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