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locking via speed in A4 CAB B7

arnoldlog Apr 21, 2010

  1. arnoldlog

    arnoldlog Member

    I want to add the locking via speed, I understand how to do adding 32 to my orignal code in central convenience but it doesnt seem to work, Is this possible on my car? A4 CAB B7 2008 2.0 tdi

    I know the software is working and i am doing it correctly because i have added the beep when locking, and i've changed the selective locking.
  2. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

    yes should deffo work on your car

    Central Convenience Controller Coding:
    State Bit Dec. Function
    OFF 0 1 Great Britain- alarm system (only with bit 4)
    OFF 1 2 flash on when arming/unarming alarm system
    ON 2 4 selective locking 1 door/all doors
    ON 3 8 activate alarm system
    OFF 4 16 rear unlocking block via speed
    OFF 5 32 locking via speed
    OFF 6 64 comfort functions with remote (adapt in ch 62!!)
    OFF 7 128 right side steering
    OFF 8 256 avant (glass break sensors in rear side-and rear
    windows (if error: safe-LED constantly lit ))
    ON 9 512 1x flash when lock with remote
    ON 10 1024 horn sounds when lock with remote
    ON 11 2048 door/window-logic ( ignition off: No open door
    el. windows works 10 min )
    OFF 12 4096 normal/????-alarm system
    ON 13 8192 No SAFE-function USA only
    OFF 14 16384 insulate-glass PR-nr 4KR/4KV

    Last edited: Apr 21, 2010
  3. markyzs180

    markyzs180 Member

    when 1wheel coded mine it took a couple of ignition on/offs for it to work....

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