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Locking nut driving me nuts!

Big_Dave Dec 14, 2011

  1. Big_Dave

    Big_Dave Member

    This is a long shot but has any1 in Bradford area got a locking nut key that I may be able to borrow for 2 mins? Got my car in works unit to change front discs and pads but the wheel nuts had been put on with air gun and now my locking key is buggered and just spinning off the nut. Can any1 help!??
  2. Turkster

    Turkster Bro.Paul 2.5TDI Quattro Sport

    no, but you can get a anti locking wheel nut key, ebay for one mate,
  3. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    You need to know the code if its Audi.They would always sell you another and you need a replacement
  4. Big_Dave

    Big_Dave Member

    Quick update. Managed to get the offending locking nut off. I ended up driving to kwik fit in dewsbury as my brother works there, we got numerous sockets on the nut and eventually came free. Time for a new full set of nuts Inc locking nuts. The threads were full of rust and ****. Never going to let anyone touch my wheels with an air gun!!!
  5. marktdisport

    marktdisport Active Member

    not always airguns to blame m8 do you use alloy wheel cleaner acids by any chance as this can also cause things to get a bit tight after time....
  6. mikeh126

    mikeh126 Member

    Garages, tyre workshops, AA/RAC breakdown etc should ALL know that using an airgun to overtighten a wheel nut / bolt can damage and stretch the thread, and can cause the nuts to shear, with disastrous consequences. Airguns are handy to use to spin the nut/bolt up, but then finish off with a (preferably) calibrated torque wrench.
    Anyone who knows what they're doing should use one, and put a small amount of grease on the threads of the bolt. Audi alloys should be torqued up at 120NM - the bolts won't stretch, and they're tight enough not to come loose under normal circumstances.
    They should also be checked after 100 miles for safety and peace of mind.
    AND - with the grease on the threads, they stand a chance of not seizing!

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