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Local tuner recommending to stay away from decat! Any experienced opinions?

fonz600 Apr 19, 2013

  1. fonz600

    fonz600 Member

    Had my A4 2.0tfsi in for a service the other day at my local specialist and tuner.
    Was telling him that I had ordered a decat and was gonna get him to remap it and he was aghast that i was i was going down the decat route and was trying to talk me out of it saying that it would make little difference as well as the obligitory safety chat bout engine lights etc.
    I have fitted a decat/race manifold to my last 5 Type-R's of various models(not hating on me ;-0) and this made good gains and prob more than any exhaust/filter combo.
    He said a sports cat if i had too and a remap was his recommendation.

    Is this a bad move, are Audi's more susceptible to a negative impact from a decat?
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    if he dont like you doing a decat then go somewhere else i would
    also you have the light mapped out when you have the remap
    and you get good gains from a decat
  3. fonz600

    fonz600 Member

    Yeah I hear what your saying Bez. Pity as they are local and a VAG specialist/tuner.
    Was just checking as I have decatted and flashed my previous Evo 8MR, JDM EP3 Supercharged and JDM Integra DC5 all with obvious bum dyno gains as well as legit dyno gains. Just making sure that Audi's aint prone to having negative effects from a decat.
    I am mechanically competant and understand the workings of a CAT but having being out the industry for 10 years was ensuring something wasnt gonna bite mein the ass.

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