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LLTEK's new D-BOV for Audi, and stock turbo

rafA4 Feb 18, 2004

  1. rafA4

    rafA4 Member

    LLTEK Motorsport has designed a D-BOV(diverter valve/ blow off valve) that they designed for audi in which it is a byfunctional product. check out the website and tell me what you think about there new product.Other than its alot of money. www.LLTEKMOTORSPORTS.COM Second question for you is what boost level can the stock turbo of a 1.8T A4 take without kill it? Third is when going to get a chip what would be the step below the chip of everyones dream. I want to chip this car just not change the turbo just yet. I want to be able to run it for now then when i want more power is when i would change the turbo.I'm trying to go for the sleeper effect because all the rice burners are in the Fast and Furiuse mode, I want to seperate my self from that.

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