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'Livening up' exhaust note

jd26 Mar 17, 2011

  1. jd26

    jd26 Member

    Bit of a random one here, basically im still running the standard exhaust setup on my 190 1.8t (s-line with twin rear) but with larger rear exhaust tips.. I dont really want to go down the road of a new system but I would really like a bit more grunt from my pipework..

    On my last car (ep3 civic typeR) before going with a full system I was able to purchase an un-silenced b-pipe (mid section) Which gave it a lovely bit of rasp when you gave it some but wasnt intrusive in the slightest... also it means you can keep the standard box.

    Anything atall like this possible with our A4's? Would love a bit more growl..:ninja:
  2. Jason.s

    Jason.s Active Member

    You arent really going to get best of both worlds without going aftermarket. Sports cat/decat would give you the slight gain and you could whip out the centre box for the noise. Or do one or the other. But ideally aftermarket is your best choice.

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