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Little Help / Advise please. reg Garage bought car.

dares_uk Feb 15, 2014

  1. dares_uk

    dares_uk Member

    Hi guys,

    Would like a little advise

    I bought my Audi from a garage last Aug.
    I only received my registration doc in jan this year, after chasing it up several times,
    they had to fill in a form to get it resent.

    I have also been chasing up some other paperwork. Paperwork that was promised at the time i bought it.
    Its the invoices for work the garage had carried out prior to me purchasing the car.
    inc replacement turbo and something else.
    They inform me they have sent it twice,
    I have been chasing this with calls, posted letters and emails.
    The work is mentioned on the sales receipt.

    There were other things with the car,
    ie the in dhas cd changer was not working, this was noticed on the drive home and they were informed immediatly etc..
    they have since sorted thisd out with a refund/invoice for it to be fixed, along with a couple other things.

    What else can i do to get copies of the invoices for work carried out. ??
    I mean a turbo is pretty important/expensive, so i want to have the paperwork/history to go with the car.
    Alslo if anything went wrong i could just go back to the company direct then.


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