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little advice please

cjmcgrath Jun 2, 2013

  1. cjmcgrath

    cjmcgrath Member

    hi there folks,
    I'm new to the forum but I haver recently bought a 2002 A4 Avant 1.9tdi Quattro with the AVF engine and have a few problems I would like your advice on.

    1.The temp gauge wasn't moving at all so I replaced the thermostat with one from my local auto factors to no avail so I changed the CTS with a genuine part and now it only moves up to about 70 degrees max and thats at a push and a good thrashing. It has new coolant (G30 from local factors) in her after a good flush but still nothing. im starting to worry that my water pump is going. someone please put my mind to rest and give me a cheap fix.

    2. The rear diff seems to be leaking a lot of oil, is this an easy/ cheapish fix. What is the common fault I have had a good rake through the forum but can't really find anything that meets my same problem.

    3. The front suspension bushes are all shot and I am considering buying one of those kits you get on Flebay for £90 are they worth it? I have an MOT next month and need it to pass as I use my car daily for work but also don't have a huge budget.

    4. She is struggling to pick up speed I have had the egr off and gave it a good scrub which made a small difference but only really cause I was looking for it. But she used to launch like mad and now she is sluggish and you don't get pushed back in the seat like you used to.

    5. I need new brake hoses as the old ones are splitting and the rubber coating is perishing I was going to replace with like for like but would anyone recommend braided hoses on these cars? I had them on my previous car (Volvo V40) but didn't really notice much difference, suggestions?

    6.Finally the rear end seems to be sitting a good 20mm lower than the front any suggestions to what that could be? it looks to be the original suspension but I'm not seeing any major issues like leaking dampers or snapped springs...

    Many thanks in advance

  2. SL11CKK

    SL11CKK Active Member

    3. Its false economy to buy ebay kits as you'll end up buying again because of the **** rubbers. Get lemforder or meyle hd kits.

    4. Seems like a boost leak and also could be sticking vanes. Needs further investigation ie Boost Leak Test or smoke tester to find culprit

    6. Its normal for the rear to sit lower than the front on stock suspension
  3. stu_m

    stu_m Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    replace the stat for a genuine one
  4. cjmcgrath

    cjmcgrath Member

    Stat changed for a genuine one and I have also just had the inlet manifold and egr off and gave them a right good scrub. Seems a lot smoother but still not as fast as she used to be.
    Also did the oven cleaner trick in the turbo but no real gains.... I might try it again and see if it does anything.
    Any other suggestions
  5. _adam_

    _adam_ Member

    Wynns / Forte do a good "Turbo Cleaner" always dubious of miracles in a bottle but alot of our garages have had good sucess with it i presume it simular to the oven cleaner you mentioned.

    Heres some on ebay nothing to do with me so don't know if the seller is any good but same product we sell at work.


    Oh and i'll let you know on the rear diff cos mines the same so i'll be attacking mine pretty soon.
  6. cjmcgrath

    cjmcgrath Member

    Ill give that stuff a try. See if it picks up anymore. I also just blanked the egr off at both ends and removed the pipe from the manifold to the egr. Took her for a spin and she is starting to get back to the way she was.
    Just looking into some new vacuum pipes and replace all them and clean the turbo and fingers crossed engine done. Just the rear diff and suspension to do.
  7. dale86

    dale86 Member

    Im pretty sure that temperature gauge has been covered on here before and the fix is normally replacement of temperature sender or sensor or both im sure somebody will put me right and send you in the right direction but it seems fairly common I think. As for the suspension thier aint nothing wrong thats just how they sit you can either just put up with it or fit some b5 spring perches which will drop it at the front about 15mm.

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