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List your experiences with modifying things with vag com

S3MHT Sep 20, 2006

  1. S3MHT

    S3MHT Remap Do I or Don't I???????

    Hi, Im sure there is loads of you out there with vag com like me not noing its true potential so I thought I would start this thread so we can list what we've chaged or done and how we done it. The 2 main things i have done is changing the central locking making it beep and the auto lock etc.. which i think everyone knows how to do!

    but one thing i managed the other day thanks to advice from tallpaul was reset the adaptation on my throttle. I discovered that when my accelerator was to the floor the throttle was only opening 80.1%.

    To test this goto Engine, then measuring blocks and type 10 in the box on the left and press read. if you start pressing your accelerator the value in throttle opening box will change. (you dont need your engine on just ignition as usual with vag com) so put it to the floor and see what yours reads. like i said mine was 80.1%. This is because the car has adapted to the driving style of the driver. To reset it do the following.

    Go back to engine in vag com and open up the adapation. read 0 then press save. close the controller turn ignition off wait a minute then turn it back on.

    to test weather it worked go to engine again and mesuring blocks and do the same as last time (read 10m and press accelerater) only this time it should read 100% when throttle is on the floor.

    the result to me made the car seem more responsive not really faster though.

    So let everyone know if you have any other experiences or if you have done the above and what results you got.

    I look forward to see what else we can do with VAGCOM.

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