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Liquiid Dip

T3nnant Aug 11, 2013

  1. T3nnant

    T3nnant Active Member

    I was looking for an alternative to plasti-dip as I needed to find a good reliable source as well as cheaper than £13-19 for a 400ml can.
    I came across "Cardipuk" who's product is very much the same as plasti dip, but just a smaller business. The only difference I found in the product is that it seems thinner which can be good but also means you might need a couple more layers for it to peel.. (but they tell you this on their help page)

    So basically iv bought around 20, 400ml aerosols from them over a 6 month period and iv been happy with every single one. Finish is great and is just as durable as plasti-dip.
    + They also offer a range of colours from matte to neon and even metallic!
    They do 400ml cans, 1litres and 5litre drums, they also supply masking tapes and spray gun kits.
    They also mix youre own colour, which sadly you will have to buy in bulk for them to do it, but its such a good idea!

    When I first started buying they were charging around £8.50 a aerosol which I thought was fairly priced... Im happy to say that they are down to £6 for a 400ml can!

    If anyone is interested here is the link, hopefully you find them as useful as I did, great customer service and very friendly!
    Matte Aerosols

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