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  1. At the moment im running 2 amps straight from the concert headunit via a mini iso - phono lead.. am trying too keep it looking stock from the cabin.

    question is, as the headunit isn't that great would it be a good idea too run a line driver too boost the poor rca signals from the audi headunit??

    running alpine type r speakers / sub and 2 alpine digital amps.
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    I wouldn't, more electronics, more noise/distortion/interference.
    the Audi pre-outs aren't that bad, I've changed many Audi head units for aftermarket running 4v pre-outs, haven't noticed a dramatic difference in volume as a result, never needed to adjust the gain of an additional amp to compensate for the increased quality of the pre-outs.

    The issues are with the quality of the source not the quality of the voltage feeding your amps.
  3. Markb

    Markb Active Member

    As above really the output of the standard head unit is more of a problem.

    The point of using a line driver is up the voltage on the pre out to allow the amps not to have as much gain used and therefore not put as much strain on the amps.

    My Nak has got a 4V pre out, but it's being upped to 6V by a Phoenix Gold PLD1 before it hits my EQ. Just makes for a cleaner signal.
  4. dcallaghan

    dcallaghan Member

    I would amplify the head unit outputs up to the input range of your power amp.

    As andymac said, adding more into the sound path usally means more noise and distortion, but in this case it wont. Thats why top end power amps usually just have a volume control. If a system needs a certain amount of total gain, this is better done in a number of low gain stages rather than having a single amp running higher gain.

    As a rule of thumb, keep lower level signal cables as short as possible.

    The parts of an audio system that affect sound quality most are: speakers, power amp power supply and pre-amplifiers. Dont listen to any cr@p about oxygen free speaker cables @ £50 per metre etc, you wont notice the difference. At a recent audio exhibition, a manufacturer with £25K speakers was connected to them using black and decker lawn mower cable!

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