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limp mode I think ? very low boost? help please

miniturhero Nov 15, 2013

  1. miniturhero

    miniturhero Member

    Hi everyone I will explain the problems I have

    My 2002 s3 as ive mentioned in previous posts boosts around 20psi im unsure if its been remapped as havent got it cheacked but boost would suggest it has. It has been boosting that since ive had it ( around 2 month) with no problems but this morning my engine management light came on and boost went down to 6-8 psi I suspect this is limp mode but the only code I get it P1296 which I think is just my thermostat but ive had that for around a week but due to working away I havent had the time to fix. Also since last week my clutch has been slipping when under boost is this related to the limp mode ? I know from searching the forum that the clutch is probably due to a sticky slave but wondered if they have any relation between my boost problem? I will be so grateful for any ideas or advice as this is doing my head in.

    Thank you
  2. Drewvic

    Drewvic Member

    have you checked for boost leaks mate
    I have had similar problems and found a splt hose and also the n75 was playing up

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