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Limp Mode due to DPF failure - how far can I travel?

Mikey May 22, 2012

  1. Mikey

    Mikey Member

    Guys, I have a PD170 VW Passat with the dreaded DPF issue. Yesterday morning on the way to work the DPF and EML lights came on the dash, then last night the Glow plug light came on and the car has been in limp mode ever since. I have the car booked in at Shark Performance tomorrow to have DPF delete and remap done, BUT, Its appx 70 miles from me to Shark in limp mode. Will it be ok to drive this distance while my car is in limp mode? Im worried about getting stranded!
  2. jrsteeve

    jrsteeve Member

    I did it from Manchester to Stafford, around 50ish miles, you should be fine. The main problem is the lack of acceleration so just be careful, if you treat it softly it should pick up a little quicker than flooring it.

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