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limp mode and abs fault

smith4130 Mar 10, 2007

  1. smith4130

    smith4130 New Member

    hello again all....

    just put my 99 a6 2.5 tdi quattro back together.... about two week ago i toped 100k miles and insp sevices came up on the dash and i droped power.
    i had power to 2500rpm in each gear and nothing after that..... i reset the services light with the stalks and was still down power..... then clouds of smoke.... checked the turbo and intake manifold and all sweet... then it started making a rattle, took the two cam covers off and it had droped a follower on exchaust second cyclinder left side, liffed the head and found a valve down, stuck open with soot... wasn't bent and hadent touched the piston...thank god. cleaned it replaced gaskett and fixed timing engine runs sweet in netural plenty of pressure on +side of turbo, no smoke rev's up and down better than ever..... checked on tool in friends shop and reset faults and all cleared.... still power up to 25000rpm and nothing after that..... it seem to be electronicly cuting in..... oh! i changed the fuel filter and MAF as well.
    i also have an abs fault but been driving on it for over 7000k miles with out loss of power......brakes are much stronger with out it....
    putting in on vag-com after the weekend on my own.... an ideas what i should be looking for or missing......
    any help is appriciated......:uhm:
    cheers again....
  2. Mcgough

    Mcgough Member

    Speed sensor? or another MAF?
  3. smith4130

    smith4130 New Member

    cheers dude...... ypur avant look sweet....

    where is the speed sensor...

    cheers again dude.......

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