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grigor Nov 2, 2008

  1. grigor

    grigor New Member

    Hey guys,

    a few months back i had a problem with my engine it was making a tapping noise and so on, and blue smoke was coming out of it so i decide to have the engine recondiotioned at a local garage, so they changed valves piston rings two new pistons oil seals and some other bits and bobs, so turn the car on, the noise is gone but engine still a bit noisy but apparently since is like a new engine i got to run it a bit and the noise wil reduce.

    Anyway my problem is here, the car will not drive faster then 30mph, there are no warning lights on the dashboard etc, my engine code is AVG, when the car is still it goes further than 3000rpm but when its driving it dont get past 2000, the bill with parts and labour has come to roughly 1350, ive only paid 350 btw not the rest until i get my car back.

    Ive also change manifold flap and few filters here and there, guys the car has been at the mechanic for over a month, im left with no option, please help what can i do, i dnt wnt to spend more money as i think what the bill has come up to shud be sufficient, the mechanic recons beucase the diesel pump has been d/c the car codes have to be reset, on his laptop there are no error codes but he says to be sure he needs to use a vw/audi specilised laptop with the right software.

    WHat cud it be, please help me or givve me some advice, so i can get my car back and put it on the road.

    Also how much wud it be to get it diagnosed and reset all the codes etc.?

    thanks and i hope i get some replies :bye:
  2. Izzy1

    Izzy1 Vorsprung Durch Technik

    car in limp mode.... change MAF sensor. this may be at fault. normally the case. had this problem on my VW's. no power in car what so ever. once changed you will feel the difference and you get all your power back plus more.

    good luck.

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