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Like driving a new car but still got a couple of problems. S3

cwisy_S3 Dec 29, 2012

  1. cwisy_S3

    cwisy_S3 Member

    I brought a pre facelift S3 a couple of months ago. fixed the broken 2 electric windows and a few other little jobs. Have a very load rumble when driving which went turning left but was worse turning right. Guessed it was a wheel bearing. Jacked the car up and checked each wheel and found slight play on the rear off side bearing. Got myself a new bearing and had a look about changing it but decided it was a too bigger job.

    I rang up Midland Vw in cannock and they quoted me £70 inc vat to change it. Well i went there yesterday and they took it for a test drive and decided it was the front wheel bearing. They changed the front near side bearing and now its like driving a new car only noise a slight road noise from the tyres.

    Other problem i have is the glove box wont open, The catch you pull has broken. Anyone know how to release the lock without totally distroying the lid ?


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