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lights pls

subly786 Jan 26, 2008

  1. subly786

    subly786 New Member

    hi all..
    changed my sunroof switch n bulbs unit 2day....now wid it all bak in...i hav no interior lights wat so eva...
    i hav checked the fuses( from the box next to the steering wheel).. all seems ok...
    even went to the extent to put the old unit back in again..but still no lights...the bulbs r all ok..
    i did hav the car runnin wen i was changin it ova...but i dnt think it makes ne difference?
    help needed pls..
  2. 205man

    205man Active Member

    might help if you dont talk in text format, would make it easier to read........just a thought
  3. Nessy

    Nessy VW + Audi mad


    A bit of a dumb question now, which I have to ask........the power plugs to the lights and the sunroof switch are connected up aren't they..........lol.
    If they are , is your trip meter display out?
    When I was fiddling with my courtesy light the other day (see my LED interior light thread....) I managed to blow a fuse and found the trip meter display went too, not the main odometer display, just the trip one.
    If it is the fuse, are you checking the right one.... its one of the red 10 amp mini blade fuses on my car, not the big blade fuse ones that are also there in the fusebox.......
  4. subly786

    subly786 New Member

    still no joy...yes the blue n black plugs r connected....as for the fuses i hav checked....yes its an 10 amp fuse...n its fine...
    ne ideas pls....as i hav ran out of em....lol
    ps...sory abt d txt 4mat....lol
    il improve....lol
  5. macca

    macca Member

    try locking the drivers door with your key then unlock again, this i think resets the alarm/light control system, occasionally i have to do it on mine after disconnecting the battery etc.

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