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Light Steering

langtonr Feb 8, 2005

  1. langtonr

    langtonr Member

    This might just be me being a bit paranoid, but since i've put 18" wheels on my S3 the steering has seemed a bit light when going straight (especially at motorway speed)

    I've got the tyre pressures all set at 36psi (which i think is the recommended pressure for 225/40 18's)

    There isn't any vibration from the wheels, so I'm guessing that they're balanced OK. Thought it might be the tracking, but it isn't pulling to either side and from what I remember the wear on the old tyres was fairly even.

    I would have expected the steering to get slightly heavier with the bigger wheels. Thought about putting the old ones back on to see if it still feels the same but haven't had the time (or the energy!) Any suggestions?
  2. stealthgr

    stealthgr Member

    to tell you the truth now that i have 17' myself in my A3 the steering is light too, altough it doesn not drag to either side... i don't like the feeling

    the thing is that i haven't drivern the car with 15''
  3. AL_B

    AL_B Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S3 DSG

    My S3 has the standard 17's. But recently the steering has felt light at motorway speeds.

    Also, the car is pulling to the left, at all speeds. My understanding was that all cars should drift to the left slightly, to avoid oncoming traffic if you fall asleep at the wheel. But at the moment it feels like its pulling too much.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Got the car booked in for next Wednesday.

  4. neversaydie

    neversaydie Post Whore

    ditto, the same all of a sudden about 1 month back, seems more firmer since my suspension upgrade though.

    I think it was the strong winds we have been having recently also - especially if your on the motorway with no wind brakers.
  5. neversaydie

    neversaydie Post Whore

    isnt 36PSI a little too much? Mine are on 32PSI.
  6. pwnorman

    pwnorman Member

    dealers for realinement either as i found today theres plenty of plaices that can do it for less than half the price. As for cars pulling left on roads they normaly do because of the camber on them as said above so if you did fall asleep you hit the side with nothing coming towards you just the tree instead, unless there is something wrong then it noramly feels like you have to steer right all the time when going in a straight line.

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