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Light bulbs DRL and front grill for a3 06 8p tdi - bit of help needed thanks

ziggyx1 Apr 7, 2013

  1. ziggyx1

    ziggyx1 New Member

    Hello guys.<br><br>So i know the more experienced A3 users are sick and tired of people saying they want HID's haha. But thanks to yous i went against it obviously and yous saved me a lot of money on repairing the a blown wiper motor.<br><br>Anyways I have decied to get the phillips bulbs because i hear through forums that these are really good. I am also going to get the DRLS from phillips and fit them on the fog light.<br><br>Also black grill going on (mesh or grill dont know yet?)<br><br>Can you help me on which bulbs are the best to get and which site would be the best to get this from. Thanks alot guys

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